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Weight Loss — Ketogenic Diet

You know you are overweight, maybe even fat. As a kid you were chubby then you became chunky. As a kid you were husky then you became robust. In college you had a good figure, then after a baby you became rotund. Pregnancy made you plump and flabby, and you have been stuck with an extra 10-15 pounds to lose. Whatever the cause you feel flabby or fat. When you look in the mirror, a little voice inside of you says "I gotta lose weight." Don't let your pant size go up, it's time to get on the scale and find out where you are at. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a weight loss chiropractor in Los Angeles says "It doesn't matter if the extra weight crept up on you one fast food lunch at a time or you got so busy you stopped exercising. Right now, you've decided; today is your day. How do I start?" The common answer is to start eating a good diet and exercise. You already know that but have not had the willpower to get started. Here is how I start to do it with clients. It all beings when a client tells me "I am ready to lose weight: or "I know I need to lose weight". Then we talk. There is no miracle supplement or drug that does it for you. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker uses a ketogenic protocol to finally drop fat. Jim Nicastro works in Tucker's office and he helps dieters figure out what has been holding them back from starting or completing other plans.

Nicastro creates a food plan that' simple and easy to follow. He has classic training in the Ideal Protein ketogenic protocol. "It's all about learning ways to eat, what tastes good to you, and the amounts that are good for you" says Nicastro. What happens if it doesn't work? Well, you are going to be fat, just the way you are now.

In the beginning people on weight loss plans are enthusiastic and energetic, and then the wave of doubt can set in. Life throws you a "big worry", or something at work or home gets hectic. What can you do to handle all of these things and stay on a program? The single most important factor is ensuring a successful weight loss is this says Tucker.

"Determine why do you want to lose the weight? Feel healthy again, feel sexy, look attractive, fit into a special dress, keep up with your kids, get off medications. Once you know the 'why', the journey just got a little easier."

Some guys and gals desire a six pack abs. others have not felt thin in 20 years. Nicastro says "Whatever your vision for yourself, I want to know it: I want to know what you doing, where are you going, what are you wearing?" Your 'why' is your personal ticket to success. One client wanted "to be able to square dance again". Another guy wanted to play basketball with his old buddies again. Someone else wanted to look good in her bathing suit for an upcoming trip. Make it real for yourself as it is going to be. Write it down on a paper somewhere. Come up with as many good 'whys' as you can. Once you have verbalized your thoughts and written them down, they are in stone. We use these 'whys' as a reminder and motivation of why are you doing a program.

No matter what your 'whys' are, your answer lies within yourself. Your reasons why you want to lose weight will be ultimately the driving force behind all that you do in your life. Your 'why' will get you out of bed a half hour earlier, take a walk at lunch time, or off the couch at end of the day. It will make you feel satisfied with a bite of chocolate, instead of tempting you to eat the whole bar. In this day and age, there are many ways to create a personalized weight loss program.

Call the office for a personal consult with Jim Nicastro and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker.



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