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Delivers active relief deep in the muscles and joints. A remedy for chronic pain.  


Rock Cuff

Blood flow restriction bands create compression, occluding veins while allowing normal blood flow through arteries. 

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Athletic supplement with key natural extracts of red spinach, red beets, and Aronia Berry. Meant to support circulation and nutrient delivery to improve performance and maximize results. 

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Berkeley Life

A drug free dietary supplement which supports Nitric Oxide (NO) levels for Heart Health.


B Strong Training

The B Strong BFR Training SystemTM uses a safe, natural and physiological manipulation of your body’s circulatory system to produce quick and significant gains in strength and fitness!



SpermidineLIFE is the first dietary supplement containing lab-verified, spermidine-rich wheat germ extract.
Support cellular renewal through spermidine supplementation with a simple two-capsules per day dose. Recieve 12% off through our affiliate link. 

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Designs For Health

Designs for Health is committed to delivering high quality nutritional supplements.


Full Script 

Fullscript is the safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade products. Recieve 10% off through our affiliate link. 

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Choose Health

Choose Health is a test that patients can do at home, on their own. It provides cardiovascular and blood sugar indicators that help patients have personalized and customized health care.


With up to 1000+ LEDs per Light Patch, CareWear Red Light Therapy patches use a flexible ultra-thin multi-laminate structure with light-guiding adhesive hydrogel. The entire thickness is less than .04 inches (1mm), allowing easy conformance to body contours. Ideal for treatment of the face, neck, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle and foot.