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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker on WINBACK + A Look into This Coming Year

I’ve been testing several new WINBACK THERAPY techniques, and this helps demand for the treatment therapy and product from patients.

Over the course of the year, we want to share and showcase your efforts, hear what kind of support you need, what you’ve learned since launching Winback. We want your feedback, your data, and experimentation. We want to allocate resources towards this community approach, developing Winback treatment paths that delivers value to you. Our focus for tonight is creating a top 10 tips and strategies that we can update throughout the year. Each month we’ll have more to share on the evolution of our direction. But first I have a question for you to answer in the chat. At this time of year, I ask all my patients to think of one word that they want to embody more of for this year. Go ahead and share your word for 2023 in the chat. I launched the word ‘Alignment’. I intend to align my time, my life balance, my functions towards specific objectives, and provide alignment of body, mind, and spirit for myself and my patients. For 2023 I started using the term practice members vs patients. I want active members that have regular scheduled appointments for healthy aging. I’m not just about pain relief, I talk about everything from food choices, exercise, tracking, longevity, and more. Member health and improvements for outcome assessments is a top-level steering objective. What are your metrics associated with positive health outcomes over time? For 2023 I am certain I can navigate uncertainty. We all had pandemic induced pressures: We had inflation (~9% in June 2022); Labor costs are up; What costs have gone up for you? Are you keeping your employees? I continue to maintain a cautious approach to growth given the macroeconomic environment. Do you have a growth target for 2023? Chiropractic during recessions for me 1990-91 ~3% down 2008-09 ~3% down 2020 ~ 15% down (most practices were ~25% down) The post-pandemic recovery status continues. Rising costs continue. However, consumer demand is strong. There is an exercise boom. Enjoy it all now. I’m always rethinking office modalities and ways to improve member/patient experience. What do my patients want (I’m sure yours want the same)? They want convenience, fast/quick service; they want variety; they want value; they want a frictionless experience; personalization and customization of care; they want TRUST and they want TO CONNECT; they want an interactive experience. They don’t want to come in if it is not convenient. The average ticket price is probably up in my type of practice but I think I offer good value through technology. People want to relax, relieve stress; they crave a particular type of therapy; for my members it doesn’t have to be a quick session, it must be easy service (my patients spend about 45-90 minutes in my office). Review what your office looks like. Is the atmosphere welcoming? Do you handle bills and payment effortlessly? Do you and your staff serve unique therapy, quality care, and treat everyone like a valued patient? My best advice is promote a signature therapy and create an excellent reputation. Please participate in the WINBACK THERAPY AMA tips that could help us operate effectively.

If your goal is to understand the core technology landscape for Winback, ask Dr. Dana Mackison or Claire Guerin, Winback US Marketing Manager to route you to the right person. If you want to integrate this technology into your practice, contact me (Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, Dr. Don DeFabio, Dr. Grant Headley, Dr. Jay Yoo, or Dr. Ken Johnson. The next frontier of healthcare is preventative, not reactive. Winback offers therapy that focuses on both sport’s reactive injuries and preventative treatments. I choose to focus on technology that, combined with behavior change, has potential to allow patients to understand their health status and lifestyle factors. I see my job as lowering their risk of illness & disease through health decisions before it negatively impacts their lives. I encourage healthy food choices (e.g., whole foods, less sugar) and habits (e.g., full nights rest) as well as for consistent healthy inputs (e.g., consistent logging). I focus on rewarding healthy choices as opposed to achieving health outcomes. I celebrate the incremental progress each member can take on their personal journey each day. I help motivate behavior change. For example, walk a couple thousand more steps a day preferably after meals. More referrals will come to you as Winback grows, so let’s communicate with clarity and warmth. Create an excellent reputation. Let’s be about Customer Service Success. For 2023 we are leveling up our monthly AMA calls for your experience, we want your trust, and your help to create usability and positioning issues to improve your practice. Also, for 2023 I know you want more specific treatment recommendations. Help our community with any ideas to launch programs that will drive an increase in new member growth.

We want to hear about your marketing efforts – from scaling your practice to ways you are acquiring new members.

We want to build relationships with content creators across digital platforms like Podcasts, YouTube, and Instagram. Who’s doing Podcasts, Ads, Interviews? We have some top performing partners. Just to name a few, Drs. Ken Johnson and the entire Johns-Hopkins team, Gregg Larivee, Sloane Stecker, and Irene Hernandez. We have Benny Vaughn, a giant in the massage arena. Internationally we have Fred Delacour and Gareth Ziyambi. You can always rely on your sales reps too, Kevin, Nicole, Colleen or Andrew. I want to chat with those of you doing market research and others interested in and have experience in concierge medicine (both virtual and in-person clinics). Please feel free to reach out to me email or call my cell 310-339-0442. As always, you can reach out with any questions, suggestions, or insights to Matthieu Commeau, CEO-USA and your sales reps for help. We appreciate your continued and ongoing support. Warm regards, Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB


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