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Plantar Fasciitis – Danielle’s story

It all started innocently enough. My 33 year old daughter was having pain in the bottom of her feet. She had that nagging Plantar Fasciitis morning pain upon wakening on the bottom of her feet.

No big deal. But…it quickly became a big deal, because she was 10 days away from taking a trip to celebrate her next birthday with friends in Mexico City which required lots of walking and dance celebration. She had tried the usual home interventions, i.e., foam rolling, vibration guns, etc.

I finally said “you have to make time to come into the office for shockwave therapy and laser therapy."

We scheduled a shockwave + laser session once every 3 days. I had her apply PhytoZol 3 times a day which is still my favorite topical because out of all the topical it helps so many patients compared to others.

We fitted her for Aline orthotics to support her arches and gave her foot exercises, we had her start taking CollaGen to support the Plantar Fascia healing, and showed her where I wanted her to use the HyperVolt at home (especially along the Achilles tendon muscles).

In the end, my daughter’s feet felt better in time to have a great vacation doing all the walking around she wanted to do in a fun city.


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