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New Hack for Chronic Neck Pain

Treating chronic neck pain doesn’t have to be painful. Gently treating the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments using a new type of deep heat called TECAR therapy helps supply tissues with the blood flow and oxygenation bringing in the bodies specialized nutrients for support and rejuvenation. The deep heat softens the muscles and allows for more range of motion. I also use Phyto Zol serum that you massage into the neck for pain relief while you are at home.

TECAR heat therapy is popular in Europe among athletes for quicker recovery and pain relief. I am one of the first doctors in all of the United States to get a WinBack TECAR machine. I got mine before the Los Angeles RAMS got one just a few weeks ago. The new hack for chronic neck pain and dysfunction is using a combination of my hands, this TECAR deep heat to first vascularize surface tissues and increase their oxygenation and temperature. In the second part of the treatment I use even deeper heat, along with Fascial Therapy and range of motion movements to help you restore decreased and lost motion. None of this hurts. In fact the heat is very soothing and relaxing. The third phase is you massaging in Phyto Zol serum three times a day. I scan the whole back and detect “knotted up” muscles, to me it feels like dense muscle or low-mobility areas. I use the heat and my hands over these specific areas for treatment. The range of movement consists of a gentle traction phase, and a massaging in of Phyto Zol serum. The TECAR heat therapy is not your at-home heating pad and the Phyto Zol is the specific serum for the treatment of the muscle and joint pain. Use Phyto Zol as a daily serum to rub into the neck. This hack has been highly effective for chronic neck pain. The double combination (TECAR & Phyto Zol) along with your improving sleep, me talking to you about nutrition, hydration, and other biohacks provides great freedom in your choice of the most suitable treatment for you. Sincerely, Jeff


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