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Here are Tucker’s 5 top field tested recommendations as of March 2021

1. I believe sports medicine type of care should play a big role in biohacking. To me this means checking your overall posture and body motion (spinal ranges of motion) and each individual joint range of motion (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, etc.). If you have any loss of motion or restriction of muscle/joint movement let’s figure out how to get it back and then never lose it again. I’ll offer you a blend of heat/cold therapy, shockwave therapy, laser light therapy, PEMF, lymphatic therapy, vibration therapy, frequency therapy and home movements to get back lost motion and never lose it again. Most importantly I will help you become aware of what better posture and movement is like to upgrade how you feel. That’s anti-aging to me!

2. Improve your breathing! This starts with awareness. Play with breath awareness…learn to breathe into the belly, chest, and areas that feel restricted bringing precious oxygen and blood flow to parts of your body that need reawakening. Don’t be afraid to hold your breath, or breathe deep and fast for short periods of time.

3. Figure out food sensitivities that cause inflammation and weight gain in your body. Many biohackers are using intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for a little while every day. Intermittent fasting allows time where you are not using resources to digest food. That’s a good thing. But then when you do eat, it may be a poor food choice and you did not even know ‘that food choice’ is harming you. I use food sensitivity testing or microbiome testing in the office. You’ll learn exactly which foods to avoid for weight loss and help you increase energy.

4. It’s in every ones best interest to get better sleep every night. Strive for 6.5 to 8 hours a night. Everyone’s requirement is personalized and different. I recommend sleep trackers. We’ll talk about all the sleep hacks I know and hear about from other patients and biohackers like Dave Asprey from BulletProof Coffee.

5. Get moving. Activity is a law of nature. You can simply walk in place for a few minutes at a time. Ask me to teach you how to march in place while swinging your arms in various positions for 2-3 minutes at a time, multiple times throughout the day. Walking can lead to fast short walks, then short runs (sprints), do some jumping jacks every day, climb, lift, throw or do some other movement a few times a week to improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance.

This message is sponsored by Phyto Zol. A topical pain relieving and anti-inflammatory serum I use on my patients to help them with all of the above. The Phyto Zol team supports that if a patient doesn’t understand their treatment journey or can’t see when it ends, they will quit. I know when you don’t come back to my office or any doctor’s office for that matter, the reason is often you don’t fully understand or agree with your treatment plan. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, or it’s not what you had in mind. The evidence supports offering self-care to eligible patients, and Phyto Zol is part of self-care. I want to empower each patient to decide what strategy is best for them.


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