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Exercises For Weak Glutes

I was at a conference yesterday teaching about TECAR and a doctor asked me what was my exercise for flabby, inhibited or weak butts (glutes).

Here's a taste of many of the most often exercises I suggest for flabby butts. I go from low load to high load glute exercises. I typically start from the floor mats to seated to standing to functional activities; body weight to bands to free–weights to kettlebells, etc. Pick a few a day...

  • Side lying hip abduction (on floor and progress to leg off the bench)

  • Band side lying clam shells

  • Side lying band hip abduction

  • Band side walk

  • Band sumo stance walk

  • Band seated hip abduction

  • Band hip-hinge abduction

  • Band standing external rotation pulls

  • Feet elevated on a bench or chair glut bridge (progress to stability ball)

  • Band quadruped hip extension

  • Frog or butterfly pose pump with band resistance

  • Prone back extension progress to Roman chair

  • Band glut bridge progress to barbell glute bridge

  • Hip thrust with & without bands around knees or thighs

  • Body weight squats on BOSU

  • Standing cable or band hip abduction

  • Ankle weight standing hip abduction

  • Barbell hip thrust

  • Band or cable pull through (the progression here is often the kettlebell swing but I rarely use this anymore because I find it too difficult for patients to manage proper form. Instead I like the kettlebell snatch)

  • Any bent-knee hip extension kickback (without & with band resistance)

  • Step ups

  • Staggered stance split squats (bodyweight to barbells)

  • Rear foot elevated split squats

  • Lunge

  • Thighs parallel to floor squats

  • Full deep squats

  • Curtsy lunges

  • Romanian deadlifts

  • Traditional deadlifts

Maybe you can use this list as a template and if any exercise looks easy and feels easy move to another challenge. What’s your favorite glut exercise these days?


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