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Nitric Oxide: Hypertension. Erectile Dysfunction

Safe, effective and natural approaches for reducing blood pressure and men’s health. 

Nitric oxide or NO, is an important signaling molecule in the human body.  

One of the best ways to increase NO is by using Shock Wave Therapy and eating sources of nitrates such as beetroot, arugula and spinach. (1) After eating these foods, the dietary nitrate molecules are metabolized by oral bacteria into nitrites which are then endogenously transformed into the cardioprotective NO molecule. (2--3)

NO plays a critical role in cardiovascular health and men's health. For example, how levels of NO in the body can lead to various pathologies, most notably endothelial dysfunction which contributes to hypertension and atherosclerosis; low NO has also been found to play a role in diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and Erectile Dysfunction. (1)

Healthy levels of NO in the body support vascular tone, healthy blood flow, leukocyte adhesion, and platelet aggregation. (1) Consuming food-based nitrates on a routine basis, and getting treatment with Shock Wave is a logical next step for those desiring to prevent or treat NO deficiency-related disease process. Science backs it up.

A study published in Nutrition Reviews looked at 23 studies that measured blood pressure, endothelial function, arterial stiffness, platelet aggregation, and/or blood lipid outcomes in response to oral inorganic nitrate/nitrite intake. (4) The analyses demonstrated that inorganic nitrate intake significantly reduced resting blood pressure, improved endothelial function (measured as flow-mediated dilatation), arterial stiffness, and platelet aggregation. (4)

Put it all together — Shock Wave therapy, beets, beetroot juice, quinoa, spinach, and lamb's quarters (AKA wild spinach) to increase NO.

One of the beetroot studies found that daily supplementation with dietary nitrate from beetroot juice was associated with a reduction in blood pressure: systolic 7.7-8.1mmHg; diastolic .4-5.2mmHg (6). Additionally, endothelial function improved by approximately 20% and there was a reduction in arterial stiffness by 0.59m/s (6).

Overall reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 3.55mmHg and 1.32mmHg, respectively, and these reductions were significantly greater in the beetroot juice supplemented groups vs. control groups (7). This same publication also noted greater improvements in blood pressure with higher (500 mL/day) vs. lower (70-140mL/day) beetroot juice doses or with longer periods of consumption (2 weeks vs. <2 weeks) (7). I suggest coming into the office and testing your Nitric Oxide levels (simple saliva test) today. If you are looking or want to stay proactive I recommend RESYNC Collagen Peptides with red spinach, beetroot and berries.

So, eat your vegetables and do Shock Wave for ED and/or hypertension.


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